Special Includes:

  • Photo session for one pet ($5.00 for each additional pet or person)
  • Your choice of one pose: one 8x10 or two 5x7s

Photography session instructions:

  • Call 1-800-773-8749 for information about appointment at your most convenient Southern California location.
  • Pay a $5.00 deposit to the store to reserve your appointment.
  • $34.95.....pay the photographer, and we deduct your $5.00 deposit, paid to the store to reserve your appointment, with your receipt.
  • $5.00 additional charge per extra pet or person
  • 30 minutes allotted per session
  • Finished orders will be mailed in approximately two weeks after your order is placed.

Many poses to choose from, including full-body & close-ups.

We use traditional painted backgrounds, our original, painted, scenic backgrounds...beach, snow and garden. And we use flowers, baskets and seasonal props. You are welcome to bring your own small props.

Making Your Choices

With our digital photography you can instantly view the images and make your choices!